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Report on the social metrics that matter most to you. With pre-built, presentation-ready social media reports, you can quickly showcase the value of social media to stakeholders.

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Track all of your social metrics in a single dashboard

Track all of your key metrics from all of your profiles in one location. No longer will you have to log in and out when it’s time to pull social data.

Report on multiple networks together

Pull reports from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Combine metrics from each network to show the whole picture of social.

Pinpoint your best social content

See which posts perform best across all of your social profiles and networks. Use that data to guide your content strategy.

A sample chart from the Profile Performance Report showing cross-network audience growth—as well as the percent change of followers added—in a given reporting period.

Monitor the success of your entire social team

Team reports show you how each individual on a social team helps your social marketing. Identify your team’s superstars and those who may need more guidance.

Gauge team response speed

Analyze how quickly and frequently your team members reply to inbound messages.

Track customer support success

Create cases from the Smart Inbox and measure case activity, reply time and more.

Sample data from Sprout’s Inbox Team Report showing team members’ individual message reply stats, including average, median and slowest reply times.

Combine your paid and organic data to optimize spend

Combine your paid and organic social media data into a single report. Use that data to understand your entire social marketing ecosystem.

Streamline your paid social

A single dashboard compares how paid efforts perform across each network and profile.

Identify top posts driving top campaigns

Quickly identify your top posts to inform future activities and campaigns.

This chart from the Cross-Network Paid Performance Report visualizes trends data for paid campaign impressions and spend over time.

Report on the success of your social media campaigns and content

Utilize campaign and content reports to continuously analyze and improve your social media campaigns and content strategy.

Build and track entire campaigns

Create custom tags to apply to your social media posts to report on anything. Whether it’s a new campaign or offering, you can report on it.

Track the success of social content

Analyze cross-channel performance at the post level to understand what resonates and why.

Sprout's Cross-Network Post Performance Report surfaces your top posts, plus their engagement rates and detailed performance metrics.
In the past, people valued social and certainly were willing to invest in Sprout with us, but more and more the university has become invested in our team, the data and analytics we provide.

Clayton Norman, Social Media and Digital Marketing Leader at Indiana University

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