Last Friday, Facebook began notifying journalists that it will debut a new product on June 20th. Although details are scarce, rumors suggest that the social network will add video to Instagram as a way to capitalize on Vine’s popularity.

Twitter’s video-sharing app has grown significantly since its public launch in January. Since then, Vine has amassed 13 million users on iOS alone — it is now available for Android as well. Just last week it was also reported that Vine surpassed Instagram in its total daily shares on Twitter.

The idea of a Vine-like service for Facebook hasn’t been confirmed. In fact, it’s entirely possible that sources are intentionally misleading the media so details regarding the June 20th event remain as secret as possible. However, as Inside Facebook has pointed out, there are some signs that this rumor isn’t too far off from the truth.

For example, the social network has prevented Vine from using its friend-finding feature, perhaps as a way to embed users into its platform first rather than Twitter. Additionally, Facebook has prevented Instagram uploads from being posted directly onto Twitter. This way, individuals spend more time on Instagram or the News Feed.

Others have speculated that Facebook will introduce a news product based on the outline of a coffee mug on the invitation. The upcoming demise of Google Reader and last week’s introduction of hashtags could signal that Facebook might launch a new way to discover and read news. Either way, it looks like this Thursday’s event will have a significant impact on marketers.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Robert S. Donovan]