Facebook announced that it’s adding new content to its Facebook Home lock screen, allowing beta testers to access Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr content without having to unlock their phones.

Introduced in April, Facebook Home is an interface for Android phones that takes over the home and lock screen, resulting a much deeper social integration between the two products. Less than six months later, the company is now mixing in content from other apps and sites.

Through integrating these other sites into Facebook Home, the company has effectively turned Android lock screens into something more than just a status update aggregator making it much more engaging. At first it will only be available to beta testers, but the company hopes to bring it to everyone “soon.”

Beta testers are able to select which apps they wish to pull content from within the Home settings menu. After authentication, posts from Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram will displayed. Similar to other Home screen content, individuals will be able to Like and view posts from the lock screen.

By making Facebook Home more useful, Facebook could not only attract more users, but it could also lead to more engagement with branded content that appears on their screens. A friend could repin one of your Pinterest Pins, or your latest Instagram photo could pop up. Removing the extra step of having to open the app makes interactions more likely.

While there’s no guarantee that today’s update will lead to higher adoption rates for Home, it certainly could help. But with Home’s limited availability — it’s currently only available on a select group of Android smartphones — it’s unlikely to have a major impact on your engagement or reach. If you’re looking to increase visibility on the social network, it’s worth taking advantage of larger image sizes and Facebook mobile ads.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: mkhmarketing]