Reviews are powerful. Good ones can validate your business and lead to an exponential amount of new users trying or buying your product based on what peers have said. Bad ones can be detrimental to the success of your business. Either way, embracing all kinds of feedback will help guide your product or service in a positive direction.

With that in mind, here is some advice from the #SproutChat community on how to best solicit and then embrace customer feedback.

Start With Offering an Excellent Product or Service

Before looking at reviews, the most important thing to analyze is your product. If you’re working for a company with a poor product or service, you’re always going to be working with a tough crowd.

Seek out Satisfied Customers to Share Their Feedback

The opportunity to get a satisfied customer to write a good review might be right under your nose. Always stay on the lookout for customers making positive comments, giving your organization a shout-out or recommending your product or service. Also, keep a close eye on brand keywords so you don’t miss any social mentions.

Use Insight From Current Reviews to Improve

People who write reviews clearly care about what you are offering—so consider them your most passionate users. Whether they are dissatisfied or super happy customers, their insights are invaluable. Look for patterns or commonalities, and relay the feedback to others in your organization. If you’re not closing that communications loop, what’s your business’ true purpose anyway? Take points from reviews, and make sure your team is consistently improving. When addressing reviews from dissatisfied customers, be sure to show empathy, appreciation and authenticity.

Attract Potential Customers With Positive Reviews

Reviews are content gold. Find reviews that are particularly insightful about your product or service, and reach out to the individuals who submitted them. Also, strategize where a third-party response might have the biggest impact on converting more customers.

Tell Us What You Think & Join Us Next Time

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