Social media and SEO have never been so intertwined. Although these practices may not be managed by the same person within an organization, it’s critical that your team coordinates to align messaging and employ effective tactics in order to reach the right audience. These three takeaways from this week’s #SproutChat will help.

Strengthen Social & SEO by Embracing Their Commonalities

Although it has been debated, it’s more and more apparent that social plays a significant role in search. With this in mind, your team will want to maintain strong and engaged profiles. Take the first step by making sure Google knows what social profiles are linked and attributed to your brand.

Create Valuable Content to Make Yourself More Searchable

Monitor search volume to keep your brand top of mind among current and prospective customers. Post content that’s timely and interesting, and align the format with how individuals are searching. Openly connect to ensure your brand’s presence as SERP’s get more personalized.

Earn Inbound Links Through Strong Relationships

Strong relationships on social create more visibility for your content. If your followers know and trust your brand, they’re more likely to link to your site through social or even from their own site. Always maintain an active presence, and test and post at ideal times on the most effective networks.

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