Marketing a niche product or targeting a very specific demographic can be daunting. At some point in their career, almost every marketer has had to communicate a message to a focused subset. It’s not always easy to identify a niche audience and engage with them on social. But the sooner you figure out where these folks are hanging out, the more successful you’ll be in the long run. This week at #SproutChat we discussed best practices and tactics around impacting a niche audience.

Incorporate Unique Social Networks Into Your Strategy

Determine the kind of social community you want to build and the connections you’re hoping to have with your followers. Then, in addition to launching a presence on popular social networks, take advantage of the unique platforms that make sense for your brand or product. Not sure where to start? Here’s a great resource for exploring niche networks.

Use a Variety of Search Methods to Find Your Audience

When it comes to finding new people to bring into your community, each social network has its strengths. Use different tactics to reach and invite your target audience to interact with your brand. Check out native network capabilities as well as social media listening tools.

Activate Advocates With Great Content

After you reach your niche community, you’ll want to encourage brand champions to help spread your message.  Still you may want to directly ask them to speak on your behalf or create a more formal advocate program around your relationship. Test different options to see what works for your community and recieves the best response.

Learn From the Pros

Here are several niche brands doing it right. See what you can learn from these organizations and how you can apply their content and social engagement strategies to your own efforts.

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