SproutChat9-insightsTesting. It’s the key ingredient to figuring out what makes people take action to learn more about your brand or make a purchase right away. Can you get someone’s attention by noting urgency, scarcity or exclusivity? Timing and the quality of the landing page are important to consider as well.

So how do you get consistent conversions? This week, we discussed calls to action: what works, what doesn’t and several other details around crafting the most effective message. Here’s what our #SproutChat community had to say.

Use A/B Testing to Discover What Drives the Most Response

A/B testing can be incredibly effective in determining what drives a click, as long as only one or very few factors are adjusted with each test. There’s no limit to what you can test, but once you find something that far outperforms the other calls to action, go with it. If the success dwindles, don’t be afraid to switch it up again.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The devil is in the details. You want to use specific wording to drive people to click through to learn more or purchase right away. Also, if there’s an end date for an offer, be sure to note that up front. Your readers are likely receiving many messages of this sort—give them a reason why your brand should take precedence over everything else with effective call to action phrases.

Determine the Unique Angle of Your Brand

Your customers will react differently based on the nature of your product or service. Exclusivity may work only for luxury brands; urgency would be best if the cost is deeply discounted; and scarcity might be most effective for a tangible product that many people are chasing. Tap into the fear of missing out (FOMO), and explain how the reader will feel by not taking action or purchasing.

Follow Others for Inspiration

Certain brands excel at creating killer calls to action. They know how to establish a relationship with you as a reader as well as what you find valuable in order to drive a click-through. Check out these brands for some inspiration for writing CTAs that convert.

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