SproutChat-with-PostPlanner-851x315 Twitter has come a long way since it launched in March 2006. Although it has maintained its core function of conversation through micro updates of 140 characters, a number of updates have made the network much more robust. An increase of users and availability, multimedia integration and the growth of its value as a news gathering source have changed the way individuals and businesses use the social network.

Aaron Lee has built a substantial community of 471K+ followers on Twitter. His insights on best practices for the platfrom are invaluable. After you read this recap of our #SproutChat with him, be sure to check out his free ebook on growing your influence and engagement based on the science of Twitter.

Use Twitter for Multiple Business Goals to Attain Real Value

The entire nature of Twitter has changed quite a bit. As more brands address customer service, encourage feedback and build relationships with customers, people are taking to Twitter first to be heard.

Stand out by Posting Entertaining, Valuable Content Often

Standing out on Twitter means engaging authentically and often. When sharing content, the same article can be posted several times to better reach your audience. Multimedia goes a long way, as does content that’s entertaining and valuable.

Achieve Greater Goals Through Meaningful Connections

Maximize your reach and grow your following by engaging authentically. Maintain a balanced number of updates and conversations. Find Twitter chats with others in your industry, and join in weekly to develop your identity as an expert in that field.

Twitter, like other social networks, is about relationships. Build trust within those relationships, and don’t miss any opportunity to empower a loyal customer to advocate on your brand’s behalf through social. Brands and individuals alike should focus on build a community instead of a following.

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