Social media and SEO have an almost symbiotic relationship. Having a solid understanding of SEO basics certainly helps your brand in the long run, but knowing how social media and SEO can work together is even more beneficial.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star, Lexie Kimball of Netvantage Marketing, to discuss how social and SEO efforts work together and best practices for creating SEO-focused content.

Similar but Different

Social media and SEO play each play separate, yet integral roles in any brand and should be utilized to the fullest extent. Both are based on algorithms that help with ranking, but aren’t quite the same style.

Exposure Is Key

Looking to social media as the platform in which you deliver quality SEO content can help inform your overall strategies. Make sure you are consistently sharing the best content for maximum exposure.

Tailor Content for the Platform

There isn’t one ideal place to put all SEO efforts, but it is important to make note of where your SEO plays will flourish and where your audience lives. There is no point in putting all of your eggs in one basket if your audience isn’t there.

Listen to Your Customers

By understanding the types of conversations your audience is having on across social, you can easily assess what keywords to use in your SEO content. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your customers informs how you might go about tweaking your SEO strategy.

Looking Forward

The relationship between social media and SEO will likely become more dependent as time progresses. As paid social becomes a more realistic future for marketers, search rankings and optimizing on social may start to evolve social media strategies. Both SEO and social teams should emphasize working together for optimal marketing programs.

We’ll be taking a break next Wednesday, November 22, but we’ll see you on November 29 to chat about essential tools for any Community Manager. Until then be sure to join our Facebook community to chat with other folks in the industry.