Sure, many companies have massive followings, but that doesn’t mean their posts are guaranteed to secure a spot in a fan’s newsfeed. In order to reach a larger audience, social channels are giving brands the option to put ad dollars behind social posts. While these posts may be sponsored, in order to succeed, they still need to be as eye-catching and interesting as the cute cat photos that bombard your customer’s feeds.

There are many avenues to go down when considering which channels and types of social media advertising will resonate the most with the audience you’re trying to target. Deciding which options to pursue can be overwhelming. This week, Sprout Social All StarAndrew Wasyluk, joined us for #Sproutchat to offer insights and best practices.

Remember That Content Matters

Getting your ad in front of your audience is one thing, but actually catching their attention in the newsfeed full of posts by friends and family is a different beast. Bright, colorful images paired with copy that’s concise and contains a clear call to action is a must.

If you have the resources, further engage your audience with a promoted video. Ensure the content is worth your viewer’s time and clearly defines or shows your product. You’d be remiss to get their focus, but not any engagement to lead to brand awareness, a click to your website or a sale.

Collect & Measure Data

Ads on social media are effective for driving traffic to your brand website. Be sure to build out each campaign so that you can measure the impact on brand awareness and sales. Google Analytics is a great place to start. Work with your colleagues to ensure the credit is attributed properly to social media advertising and to the appropriate campaign.

Apply Learnings to Future Campaigns

Pay attention to all of the factors in your social advertising campaign. Analyze the medium, audience, content and timing and then brainstorm to figure out which tweaks can help optimize your next campaign. This may take an investment of time and research, but it’s worth the impact. Utilizing A/B testing is a great route to see if any one singular component is adding or detracting from your goal.

Check out These Ads for Inspiration

These social media advertisements caught the attention of our #SproutChat community. See what you can emulate to engage and impact on your target audience.

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