Navigating networking in today’s landscape can be challenging. Different social networks command unique cadences of communicating and specific etiquette. So what are norms for arguably the most social professionals, social media marketers and community managers? In addition to following best practices for connecting, what are the best ways to keep track of all those connections?

In this #SproutChat, networking guru and Sprout All Star Amelia Tran joined us to share etiquette tips, best practices for transitioning an offline relationship online and how to keep in touch with valuable connections.

Networking on Social Should Be Approached With an Open Mind

In the same way you would approach networking in person, approach forming relationships online with a genuine attitude and open mind. Take advantage of the open nature of social networks and do your research to find connections that could be mutually beneficial. Mimic the nature of the social channel, i.e.: more casual with Twitter, more formal with LinkedIn.

Find the Best Social Network to Connect With Your Industry

Twitter’s openness is attractive to many social media professionals. It’s the most accessible and affords quick connections at scale. Research Twitter chats and add these events to your calendar. Chats are a great place to engage and meet other professionals, learn and grow your following.

Bridge from Online to In-person Professionally

If you’re lucky enough to be close to social connections geographically, an in-person meet up is inevitable. Ensure you’re both on the same page for what you want to accomplish from meeting. Be sure to utilize that social media connection you already have established and follow up post meeting too.

Use Tools to Keep Track of Connections & Get the Most Value

Dunbar’s Number theorizes people can only maintain 150 social connections. With social networks, that number is often much bigger, so keeping track of the relationships you’ve built can be a challenge. Take advantage of functionality on the social network itself, or invest time in tools like Evernote or Sprout Social to take notes on conversations, remember their birthday or keep track of email or phone number.

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