Everything revolving around demand generation is about knowing your customer and providing them with valuable information. While lead generation strategies are more focused on grabbing the attention of prospective new customers. Both are focused on getting consumers to transition through the sales funnel and purchase a product or service. They are also crucial components of a marketer’s responsibility. This week at #SproutChat we discussed social strategies and best practices for demand and lead generation.

Consistently Test Your Strategy

Organization’s need to consider how they’re going to sustain brand demand and awareness. Creating a social content strategy powered by SEO and a combination of paid and organic distribution can help catch the attention of prospective customers. Another option to consider is giving potential new customers a sample of your product or, depending on your product and industry, a complimentary trial. Regardless of strategy, when it comes to demand and lead generation, it’s important to always be testing and to keep that testing consistent.

Build Brand Awareness with Social Media

Social should be apart of your demand and lead generation initiatives. Use social to target a specific audience demographic, facilitate two-way conversations and gain feedback.

Publish Gated Content With Caution

Gating content is one of the best ways to garner lead information, but it can also deter people who simply want to learn more about your brand or product without offering over their coveted email address. Before publishing gated content, put yourself into the customer’s shoes and ask: What is the value proposition here?

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