When you work in social media, staying up to date on the latest trends is sometimes a struggle. Attending in-person conferences to stay informed can be expensive, especially if you work on a small team or on your own.

Thankfully there are a multitude of ways to continue learning and keep tabs on changes in the digital marketing space. With low cost resources like digital conferences, webinars and Twitter chats, it’s easy to find the tools and knowledge that will expand your skill set.

Always Be Learning

It’s vital to your career advancement to be constantly learning new skill sets and trends in the industry. Be sure to keep your continued learning cycle consistent and do more than the bare minimum.

Take Time to Learn New Skill Sets

You have to remember to step outside of your own bubble of work. The time you invest in learning new skills outside of your specialized role will help you in the long run, whether that means reaching business goals or personal goals.

Pay Close Attention to Trends

Outside of expanding your skill set, it’s important to keep tabs on trends and breaking news for every social platform. Being proactive in this approach will help ensure that brand accounts do not fall behind and are always effectively delivering content.

No Budget for Conferences? No Problem

It may seem like in-person conferences are the most effective way to continue learning, but it’s okay to think beyond costly methods to connect with new people and ideas. Digital conferences are a great way to get in-depth information in a short amount of time.

Share Learnings With Leadership

Be your own champion. Start sharing insights gathered from conferences and webinars with senior leadership and list action items from what you’ve learned to set informed goals for your work. Sharing these ideas shows leadership that you take your career seriously and are capable of taking initiative on new projects.

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