Once you’ve made it over the hurdle of launching a business, how do you successfully brand that business on social media? It’s important to take the time to strategize what platforms you want to focus your efforts on, as well as understanding where your audience lives.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star Elite and branding expert, Rebekah Radice, who’s offered her insights on social strategy for branding businesses. From content strategy to which social platforms to spend time on, Radice covered a bevy of information for brands.

Claim Your Brand’s Stake in Social

When launching your brand on social make sure that it can be easily recognized by its logo and name. Differentiate your business from others on social and take the opportunity to tell that story clearly in your bio and through the content you publish.

Social Profiles and Websites Should Work Together

Make sure that the information you provide for your business on social is consistent with what you’ve provided on your website. While your business’s website should answer any questions visitors may have that aren’t answered on your social profiles, the two platforms should work in tandem to make important communications visible and accessible.

Define Your Brand

Your brand’s voice and tone should be guided by what you’re offering your audience. Having a familiarity with your audience will help you fine-tune how you communicate and help you understand the benefits your customers are looking for, rounding out a better experience.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

It’s easy to say that your brand should be on every social network, but it’s best to do a little research and put your time and effort into the platforms that you know your audience is spending time on. This makes working toward business goals more manageable.

Metrics Tell the Story

Create goals to track and allow for time to analyze how your business is performing on social. Every journey is different, so if engagement is a key performance indicator for you, be ready to test and learn along the way.

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