For businesses big and small, a CRM is an essential tool for a sales team to keep track of the conversations they’re having with prospective and current customers. Social media isn’t any different. Social media managers in particular need to keep track of who they are interacting with across multiple social channels.

Maintaining a social media CRM is vital for ensuring customer retention and quantifying social ROI. Last week at #SproutChat, we discussed tips and tricks for referencing past conversations within Sprout and dug deep into understanding the value of a social CRM and how it can help your organization reach its 2017 goals.

Keep Track of Conversations

Remembering key details from past interactions helps build credibility as a brand and acts as a solid foundation for any authentic relationship. Use a tool or create an internal system that allows you to keep track of previous touch-points and interactions with your community members.

Show Your Customers You Care

Though it may sound obvious, practicing good listening and responding on social is a must for maintaining a good relationship with your brand loyalists. With the assistance of insight around past conversations, social media managers can provide better support, show a more human side of the brand they represent and connect on a 1:1 level.

Surprise & Delight, FTW

Keep your customers happy and engaged by surprising them with swag items or fun GIFs. Your community will be excited to receive something out of the ordinary, even if it is of nominal value. Work with your team to ensure the brand voice behind these efforts is consistent and be prepared to receive great reactions and strengthened retention in return.

Don’t Forget About Social Customer Care

Social media managers already know this but it’s worth repeating that social customer care is so hot right now. More and more customers are relying on social as the initial route to communicate with brands. Don’t get left behind by letting your customer’s questions go unanswered.

Join us this week on Wednesday, January 11 to discuss social media trends for 2017. Until then, keep the conversation going with our community on Facebook.