Getting a business up and running is hard enough but maintaining its growing is another challenge all together. Sprout All Star, Krista Whitley, has grown her Las Vegas-based business, Social Media Unicorn, from scratch. During this week’s #SproutChat, Krista offered advice based on her years of experience in growing her agency and persona brand. Learn more about Krista’s journey and take note from her success and advice.

Set up a Foundation for Success

Before building your business and deciding on its focus, set yourself up for success by having  all of your ducks in a row. Draft a business plan, talk to those who have done it before and ensure you have your financial and legal resources solidified before jumping in. Know who your competition is and create marketing materials that speak to why you’re brand is different. And, always remember that confidence is key in scaling growth and securing new customers.

Get Ready for Growth by Taking These Steps

Once you’ve established your business, know how you’re going to maintain, grow and scale your organization. It’s better to figure this out when things are slow, rather than when you already have too many projects to handle. Don’t make decisions hastily just to get something checked off your list. Always look to improve your business by researching qualified candidates, new opportunities and revised tactics and methodologies. If this is an ongoing process you should have most–if not all, of the resources at your disposal when it comes time to expand.

Prepare for the Inevitable Speed Bumps

No matter how much you do to prepare, you’ll undoubtedly face challenges. If things aren’t going in the right direction, audit these business areas and look for ways to improve them. Don’t allow doubt and frustration to take down your organization but always maintain a realistic perspective of your business’ health.

Growth to Large Proportions Isn’t for Every Business

The idea of exponential growth is romanticized. The idea of “success” is projected as employing thousands and being international. While that definitely is the dream of some business owners, it doesn’t have to be your dream. Scaling to that level takes a lot of resources–time, financial and otherwise. Pay attention to your numbers and determine where your sweet spot is because sometimes a business will be more successful by being smaller.

Stay Focused

Keep your eyes on your goals, treat your employees well and always be kind. Running a business is hard work. But at the end of the day it’s incredibly rewarding. Seeing the fruits of your labor from can be much more gratifying than working for someone else.

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