Marketers know that multimedia has the power to exponentially increase a brand’s social footprint. But with multiple content stakeholders and workflows, how do social media marketers efficiently maintain a repository of cohesive, visual assets? During this week’s #SproutChat, we discussed organizing content in order to ensure a seamless digital publishing strategy.

Opt for Unique Images as Much as Possible

Depending on your bandwidth and internal team structure, creating custom graphics or sourcing new photos for every social post can be challenging. However, it’s worth the time and effort to keep multimedia assets fresh and relevant to your brand aesthetic and audience.

Social channels like Instagram or Snapchat warrant fresh, original images or video every time. Other networks like Twitter, allow marketers to repurpose content multiple times over. Allocate your resources accordingly and take publication timing, platform best practices, framing and editing into consideration before you create or repurpose any multimedia content.

Tag & Organize Multimedia

Any digital content asset library requires a smart organizational method. Keep a consistent system for naming and tagging and ensure others on your team are well versed on the criteria. Implement a tool like Sprout’s Asset Library to house, tag and source multimedia content by name, date or file size.

Test & Learn

Publish photos, videos and GIFs to see what multimedia works best for that specific audience and social network. If you’re not sure how something will be received, test it on a targeted audience first. Just make sure to keep your publication dates, time of day and social media channels consistent so you can best compare your A/B test results.

See you next week on Wednesday, December 14 when Sprout All Star Brooke B. Sellas joins us to discuss starting your own social media agency. Until then, join our Facebook Community to stay updated on weekly chat topics and industry news.