Social media metrics typically include post performance, engagement rates and follower growth across networks. But there are much broader implications in terms of how social media impacts your business as a whole (and vice versa).

To better understand how social and non-social data can work together, we probed our #SproutChat community. Here’s what our experts had to say about painting the bigger picture to prove the impact of your work as a social media manager.

Ask Your Community to Take an Action You Can Track

Components of marketing beyond social are incredibly important when monitoring and assessing social media success. Social media campaigns should have a desired action attached that can be easily tracked. With this criteria, web traffic, email signups, ad views, event attendance and more can be attributed to your time and effort on social.

Which Marketing Components Best Tell the Story of Social Success?

Rise Above Vanity Metrics

Forget follower counts. Vanity metrics are appropriately named—they reflect measurements that aren’t particularly revealing. For instance, they don’t paint the picture of how much your customers appreciate your product or service or how enjoyable your fans find the content you post.

Why Focus on Actionable Metrics Rather Than Vanity Ones?

Build Relationships With a Sound Strategy

Asking your customers to DTR—that is, define the relationship—can get them to commit to your product or service more fully. With an established program, they’ll also feel closer to your brand and be less likely to consider a competitor. Start with a small ask, but set a goal of something more time and effort intensive. Consider the commitment curve, which outlines that a bigger ask is condoned with the passing of time. Try conceptualizing this for your own community, and build out strategy from the goals along the curve.

How Does a Loyalty or Ambassador Program Impact the Brand Overall?

Social media and community managers should always be seeking ways to prove social’s value to the business. It doesn’t have to be an increase to the bottom line, but it should lend to other metrics. Every social post is trackable, and it’s vital to demonstrate the worth of building and spending time with these important online communities.

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