This April at #SproutChat, we’re talking about everything from measuring success across all social platforms to educating colleagues on personal branding best practices. Be sure to click the “add to calendar” links to add a meeting notice with all the Twitter chat details to your schedule.

Wednesday, April 5: Success Across Social Platforms

Many social platforms besides Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have launched. But few have stuck around long enough to boast an active number of users or keep a brand’s attention. During this week’s #SproutChat we’ll analyze what success metrics look like across all major social platforms and talk about ways to ensure a consistent voice and tone across each touchpoint. We’ll also aim to answer the age old question: Does your brand need to allocate time to every network?

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Wednesday, April 12: Educating Your Colleagues on Developing a Personal Brand

Establishing your organization’s identity on social has undoubtedly helped you to perfect your own personal brand. But what may seem obvious to social media managers is a whole new world to other departments at your company. At this week’s chat, we’ll talk personal branding and how to convince leadership and colleagues that fostering a personal, industry-adjacent social community impacts a company’s bottom line.

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Wednesday, April 19:Targeting Social Content With Sprout All Star, Alex Bimonte

Targeting and segmenting are marketing fundamentals. But on social and other digital media outlets, it’s tempting to blast your information to everyone. However, everyone is probably not your target customer. Quality over quantity still reigns true in this digital era and perhaps is even more important to stand out from all the clutter and noise consumers experience on a daily basis. At this #SproutChat, Alex Bimonte, Marketing Communications Specialist at Modernizing Medicine, will share her best practices for successfully targeting social media content.

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Wednesday, April 26: Metrics That Matter With Sprout All Star, Steph Nissen

Social platforms provide an array of metrics signifying success. However, not every data point can be directly attributed to your brand’s goals. So how do you sort through the numbers to present the important benchmarks? During this #SproutChat, Steph Nissen, Director of Digital at Atomic Revenue, will join us to talk about pinpointing the most valuable data and presenting it in a way that shows progress and makes sense.

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