Social media managers are often trying to increase social audience engagement. Testing and measuring content and post types across social networks is the best way to see what resonates with your audience. However, there are some proven tactics that tend to garner the best results. This week at #SproutChat, we discussed what content strategies work best for each popular social network.

Engaging on Instagram

We know hashtags and bright photos are necessary for success on Instagram. Beyond your photo’s aesthetics, you can engage your audience by requesting their user-generated images. With an individual’s permission, publish their content on your brand’s account and give their Instagram handle a thank you and shoutout. This personalized connection will stand out with the content owner while the rest of your community will be impressed that you took the time out to recognize a follower. This simple action will make all the parties involved more engaged with your brand and inclined to submit content in the future.

Engaging on Facebook & Twitter

While Facebook and Twitter are very different social networks, images and videos resonate on both. Take advantage of the reach of hashtags and conversational nature of Twitter. On Facebook, try sharing posts with longer copy or test out long form articles.

Measure Extensively

Determine which metrics will effectively communicate your social media engagement goals. Work with your colleagues in marketing to ensure all efforts are working together to impact the bottom line.

Present Metrics in a Format Your Boss Understands

By now you probably already know that measurements such as likes, comments and shares don’t always mean much to senior leadership. While these factors are important, they’re usually not regarded by the people who aren’t managing a community on social everyday. Track the metrics and patterns that do matter to your boss and make sure you format your social media engagement results in a way that’s easy for leadership to understand.

See you next week on Wednesday, August 31 at 2pm CDT when we discuss, how to effectively use video on social with special guest Margot Mazur. In the meantime, join our Facebook group and get to know the other members of our community!