One of the most important and versatile tools a social media manager has is right in the palm of their hand—a smartphone. From on-the-go monitoring to content creation, it’s a must-have tool that only keeps advancing. Capturing moments can turn out to be more worthwhile than you know, so it’s best to be equipped with everything you need.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star Elite, Fritz Klug, the Digital Content Specialist at Bell’s Brewery, to chat about the ins and outs of creating content on the go. We covered where to start, the benefits of timely content and best practices for creating engaging content.

It’s All About Timing

Take advantage of the moment by capturing something while it’s in action. Being able to show a behind-the-scenes look or a live event can be beneficial for a brand by delivering real-time content to your audience.

Be Authentic

Since you’re capturing a moment while you’re out and about, be sure to tap into the authenticity of the moment and stay away from producing a high gloss piece of content. There are a variety of apps and tools that allow you to have a little fun with your photos and videos, but remember that the more authentic the content feels, the more engaging it will be.

Be in the Moment, Edit Later

If you’re creating videos on your phone, you’ll want to ensure that it’s a good quality, watchable piece of content. Try utilizing a tripod to stabilize and a plug in microphone for good sound quality.

Make Something New From Old Content

As a social content creator, you’ll want to steer away from getting too repetitive in what you share. Old content can always be spliced or edited into something fresh and new for use at a later time or on a different platform.

In next week’s #SproutChat, we’ll be joined by Veronica Brown of the Chicago Public Library Foundation to chat about doing social media when you’re doing social good. Until then check out our Facebook community to connect with other folks in the industry.