Setting a digital marketing strategy has undoubtedly become more difficult over the past few years. Brands not only need to figure out where to reach prospects but also how to effectively connect with them at the right time.

As potential customers move through the marketing funnel, they expect a seamless experience with your brand. Being able to offer that takes a lot of time, research and collaboration across your team. To help with that effort, we took a deep dive into multichannel marketing in a recent Insights post and, today, offer three quick tips from this week’s #SproutChat.

1. Think as, Not Just of, Your Audience

Setting strategy starts with considering who is on which channel and why they are there. People consume content differently. Although they may fall into the same demographic, one may rely mostly on Twitter’s mobile app and the other on bigger news sites. It’s crucial to do some testing to see where your brand is effectively getting its message across.

2. Set Actionable Metrics With the Right Tools

Whether you have a big budget or hardly any dollars to invest, there are tools that provide metrics that will give some insights into which places are successful at driving traffic or sales. If you’re a small-to-medium business, invest in getting to know as many customers as possible, and document their feedback in order to direct your strategy further.

3. Reap What You Sow

Customer loyalty results from a well-vetted marketing strategy. The better you understand the connections your customers have with your brand, the more likely they will be to stick with your business for the long term. Remember that customers have so many options in today’s market—don’t let a competitor with a subpar product beat you because you’re not giving attention to the people who keep your lights on.

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