Video is often the most memorable form of content for audiences and the hardest to create. But, unlike blog posts or images, video takes more time, money and resources to produce.

Don’t worry about making the perfect video. Your content doesn’t need to look like an Oscar-nominated film to have a lasting impression on your audience. This week at #SproutChat, we dove into key tactics and tips for successful videos for social media. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Ensure Your Videos for Social Media Are Visually Appealing

This can be interpreted literally or figuratively but it’s important to consider what visuals surrounding your product or service could be most insightful for consumers. If your product isn’t the most visually appealing, show people reacting to it and emphasize its emotional impact instead. Animation is another option. However, outsourcing this can get costly, so make sure to estimate your video’s potential reach and sales leads before shelling out the money. Regardless of the format you choose for your video, ensure its visually appealing.

Communicate a Clear CTA in Post Text

Use post text to engage your audience and communicate a clear call to action. Don’t spam this space with hashtags or leave it blank. Also, consider adding text and subtitles to the video itself, this can capture the attention of someone who’s casually scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed.

Understand Your Metrics Beforehand

The only way to measure success is to see if you hit your predetermined goals. Set hard numbers you want to achieve before publishing your video on social. Based on what you want to achieve, ask users to take a specific action.

With Sprout’s Facebook video publishing capabilities, you can publish videos that autoplay on feeds and measure their impact from within the Sprout platform. While tools like Wistia can help you gain insight on when viewers’ stopped engaging with your content.

Having the social media publishing tools to take your videos to the next level is critical for any social media manager. We asked our community for additional tips on creating effective videos. Here’s what they had to say:

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