Without looking at metrics, there is no way to tell if a marketing campaign is working. As a marketer, uncovering which metrics correlate with your overall business goals will help you tell a complete story to your clients or stakeholders. But before you can measure your social ROI, you need find out which social metrics matter.

This week at #SproutChat, Sprout All Star and Director of Digital at Atomic RevenueSteph Nissen, provided tips on pinpointing the most valuable data and presenting it in a way that impacts.

Different Metrics for Different Platforms

Marketers know that different social platforms are used to achieve different goals. However, cumulatively tracking engagement across channels can be an easy way to gauge overall performance.

Create Metrics Based on Specific Business Goals

When setting up metrics for a new campaign or client take a step back and examine the larger business goals and objectives. Take an audit of how the client’s social platforms are are performing and what content is resonating most. Use this information to determine your campaign benchmarks.

Track Metrics to Inform Strategy

Utilize metrics to their fullest extent by looking at where there are opportunities to fine tune and optimize your social strategy. Sprout offers a robust suite of social media analytics tools to help you measure your efforts and get you closer to reaching your business goals.


Create Social Goals That Can Be Tied Back to ROI

Social goals should be tied to specific business goals such as sales, traffic or brand awareness. Create campaign brief that provides a clear understanding of what you are using social to accomplish and what success for your campaign looks like.

Clear & Concise Reporting Is Best

Communicating metrics to a client or executive stakeholder can be challenging. Be sure to put yourself in the client’s shoes and present data that tells the full narrative. Remeber the story is not in the data, it is in the analysis.

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