We’ve seen a lot of improvements to consumer-facing Google+ features in recent weeks. The trend continues this week as Google announced the addition of a new mobile content recommendation service.

It’s happened before. You share an article on Twitter or Facebook, and when people click through, they read the article and move on to the next tweet or website. Google+ Recommendations for mobile aim to help keep readers on your mobile site for more than just one article.

“When you help someone find a great article on you site, you’re not only making them happier, you’re inspiring deeper engagement and loyalty,” Google wrote on its blog. “That’s why today, we’re bringing together elements of Google+ and Google Search to suggest the right content from your mobile website, at just the right time.”

The feature — which launched today on the Forbes mobile site — will appear as a small bar at the bottom of an article. When tapped, it’ll bring up suggested articles for your site based on the author, the topic discussed, and what’s being shared on Google+. Recommendations will appear regardless of whether your visitors are signed into Google+. However, when they are, they’ll see content that was +1’d or shared by the people in their Circles.

Google+ Recommendations is a nice follow-up to Google+ Sign-In, which allows visitors to sign up for an account on your website or app without having to create a separate username and password. It’s a win-win for publishers, as readers will be recommended relevant content, resulting in more time spent and page views for your site.

Integrating Google+ Recommendations requires placing a single snippet of code to your mobile site. From there, you’ll be able to make changes in the “For your site” section of your Google+ Page dashboard. For example, you’ll be able to decide where the bar should appear as well as a list of pages that shouldn’t appear as recommendations.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Elliot Bennett]