This week Google introduced several new improvements to the photo workflow on Google+ that will help members become better storytellers.

Marketers know that some of the best storytelling is done through visuals. Photography has been a major part of Google+ almost since the service launched. The latest addition to its photo feature set will help you to better organize, share, store, and edit all of your images.

In terms of editing, Google has introduced a variety of new options across its quick edit features as well as its more in-depth editing options. Auto-enhance received finer controls, allowing you to apply either a low and high setting to it, which can be controlled on a by-album basis.

So if you have an album of photos that you’ve already edited in other programs, you can tell Google+ to turn auto-enhance off for that set of photos while still letting it go to work on other uploads. This is great for on-the-fly uploads from events where your designers might not have a chance to tweak product shots or photos of fans interacting with your team.

Highlighting, the feature that reviews all of your photos and removes those that are blurry, duplicates, or have bad exposures, has also been improved. By default, Google+ searches your libraries for images; however, now it’s going to parse through photos from within your Circles. This means if you search for “office,” it will return the right set of photos.

Additionally, Google announced that the next version of the Google+ iOS app will automatically upload full-size images from the iPhone — this feature is already available on Android. It’ll also have an improved backup sync so photos will be uploaded even if you haven’t opened the app.

And finally, the company introduced two new modes to its Auto-Awesome feature. The first, Auto-Awesome Action, shows you the motion of an object in a photo. For example, a skateboarder going around a curve. The second, Auto-Awesome Eraser, lets you remove obstructions — like someone walking into your shot — from photos.

Auto Awesome is also coming to video. Auto Awesome Movie will use Google’s machine learning to pull together related media you’ve uploaded and automatically make a video. You can also build your own by selecting photos and video. Swiping across the video will let you apply different styles and filters, and finer controls are available as well.

Collectively, all of these features aim to help photographers, marketers, and even consumers be better storytellers through photos. Earlier this year, Google+ was redesigned putting an even bigger emphasis on visuals both in stream and across profiles and pages. If you currently upload a lot of visual content to Google+, these improvements will certainly come in handy.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Jaysin Trevino]