Brands and businesses that have been reluctant to join Google+ might want to reconsider. It appears that Google has started to integrate Google+ Page information in search results.

Researcher and SEO platform BrightEdge has been tracking Google+ Pages since they went live in November and just noticed the change yesterday. The company notes that only some brands are included at the moment and a representative from Google has confirmed this.

“Content from the +Page, such as recent posts, will appear as annotation attached to its associated web page under the sitelinks in search results if that site is eligible for Direct Connect,” explained Google’s rep. “It uses the same bi-directional link and algorithmic criteria as Direct Connect.”

Direct Connect allows an individual to find your Google+ Page by searching + and your company name. This feature is still being tested and only select brands have access to it. Google plans on making it more widely available in the future.

Adding Google+ Pages to search results would really benefit businesses, as your posts and promotions could reach a much bigger audience. However, some could argue that it paints Google in an anti-competitive light. Only time will tell how the public (and FTC) treat this new addition.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: bradleypjohnson]