Google has released a new app that will enable your viewers to read a transcript of what’s happening in a Google+ Hangout in real-time.

Hangout Captions — which is essentially Closed Captioning — allow those who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in the conversation. Using this requires you to not only install the app, but grant it some access to your Google+ account.

Through this new app, you can either connect live text from a professional transcriptionist, or you can type right into a text box to transcribe the Hangout for your viewers.

“Right now, we only support professional transcription through StreamText and our ‘do-it-yourself’ Basic Transcription,” said Naomi Black, technical program manager for accessibility engineering. “This is an early look at the app so you can tell us what you think.”

However, live transcription is not automatic. Your viewers will only be able to see a transcription in the Hangout Captions side panel when someone is providing the transcription.

While this is unlikely to be something you regularly use, it could be helpful if you use Google+ Hangouts in a customer service capacity, or during webinars and tutorials.

[Via: GigaOm, Image credit: David Mellis]