Google considers typical event-management tools to be “simplistic” and “partial.” To remedy this, the company introduced Google+ Events at its I/O developer conference yesterday.

Unlike Meetup and Facebook Events, which tend to focus on invites and RSVPs, Google+ Events — available today — can be used before, during, and after an event.

When you create a Google+ Event, you can choose a theme, or cinegraph, which was created by Google and feature small animations that carry over into the calendar invite. While the customization plays a minor role, the ability to fully integrate it into your Google Calendar is huge. All of the details about the event, as well as your RSVP, can be managed in one place.

Through a new feature called Party Mode, all of the photos and videos taken (by either yourself or your guests) during the event will be uploaded to the event page. This can be done automatically assuming everyone is using the recently updated Google+ for Android app. Those who aren’t will be prompted to upload post-event.

Often at networking events a live stream of tweets are shown on a big screen. Through Google+ Events, you can show your event page instead where a slideshow of photos being taken at your event will appear within 30 seconds of snapping.

Even people who couldn’t attend the event can still get a glimpse of what’s happening by visiting the event’s page. And if you’d like to go public, you can go “On Air,” which will broadcast it publicly — a great option for conferences.

After the event, everyone that was invited will have an option to upload their photos to an event specific folder, where they’ll be arranged chronologically and everyone will be facetagged.

Although Google+ is trailing behind other social networking platforms in terms of popularity, it’s possible that Events will give it healthy boost. While Facebook has the built-in network, Google+ Events does a better job of capturing the experience, not just the planning.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Marcin Wichary]