Earlier this summer, we added Instagram to our supported social networks and enabled users to monitor, reply to and task comments, and analyze performance of sent messages. Today, we are pleased to announced we’ve rolled out even more features so you can manage Instagram engagement and analyze social efforts from one tool.

Monitor Your Brand’s Hashtags From Feeds

We’ve added Instagram brand keywords so that you can find conversations that include your branded hashtags in their post captions. Whether you are looking for Instagrammers to engage with or are running a hashtag campaign, monitoring your brand’s keywords will help you find new ways to engage with your audiences.


Analyze Instagram Performance to Set Social Strategy

Gain insight into your brand’s Instagram profiles through content performance, profile growth and audience behaviors. The new Instagram Profiles Report enables you to get big-picture insights into social efforts across multiple profiles while comparing individual efforts for a more granular understanding. Pair the Instagram Profiles Report with the Sent Messages Report, and use the data to determine what content works—and what doesn’t—as you continue to evaluate and improve your strategy.


Engage on the Go: A Sneak Peek

You already work within the Smart Inbox to monitor, respond to and task Instagram messages; soon you will be able to take your professional approach to social media management to your iOS or Android device. Although you’ll still have to publish natively, due to Instagram’s API limitations, you’ll be able to work efficiently from one device so that you can adapt to life on the go (which is, of course, what Instagram is all about).

Be on the lookout for this functionality in the next app-store feature release.