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Instagram Scheduling Tools

Easily plan and schedule Instagram posts with Sprout Social

Schedule your picture-perfect Instagram posts with Sprout Social. Save time and grow your audience with Instagram scheduling tools built to attract and engage your audience.

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Grow your Instagram presence with simplified scheduling and publishing

Sprout’s full suite of social media publishing tools makes it easy for you to plan and schedule weeks of social content in advance. With tools that automatically post your content at the times your audience is most engaged, you’ll see even more engagement on social.

Save time scheduling Instagram content

Schedule weeks or months of Instagram content from all of your profiles using a single social media calendar. Whether you’re planning a new campaign or staying ahead, Sprout can help.

Boost engagement with Optimal Send Times

Sprout’s proprietary ViralPost technology shows you the best times to schedule your Instagram posts for maximum engagement. Use Sprout to increase your reach, engagement and followers.

Create and schedule better content with Instagram analytics

Sprout’s social media analytics provide key insight into what resonates with your audience. You can look to your own Instagram analytics to identify your top content and hashtags, then use that data to inform you content strategy.

Identify your top Instagram posts

See which of your posts and stories have the highest engagement in the Sprout reporting suite so you can repurpose those images or use them to identify trends.

Use the best possible hashtags

Identify the hashtags that drive the most engagement with the Instagram Business Profiles Report. Include these high-performing hashtags in your posts while also tracking the success of new hashtags you want to test.

A better workflow for publishing and scheduling Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories scheduling workflow

With a simple workflow created to schedule all of your Instagram Stories, you’ll be able to share your entire social calendar with your team.

Instagram Stories analytics

Use your Instagram Stories data to identify what content users respond to. With Sprout, you can analyze data for replies, taps back, taps forward, exits, impressions and average reach.

Additional Instagram scheduling tools

There’s so much more you can do to increase the reach of your scheduled Instagram posts. Here are just a few of the additional features our users love.

Plan your first comment

Schedule Instagram posts with a predetermined first comment. Increase your reach by utilizing pre-built lists of your commonly used hashtags.

Tag relevant brands and individuals

Whether you’re working on a joint campaign with an influencer or just want to shout out another company, you can tag other profiles in all the messages you schedule.

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