Google is making it easier for brands to simplify their social media outreach efforts. Starting today, if you have linked your Blogger-hosted company blog with your Google+ account it will become easier to share your content with your Google+ Circles.

Google has introduced a new feature for Blogger – it’s blogging and publishing platform – that will present you with a profiled Google+ share box immediately after publishing a post. Similar to share boxes on other websites, it will contain a +snippet of your post that can be shared among your friends on Google+.

The company realizes that some people might prefer to remove the prompt and select individual posts to share manually. You can disable this feature through the “Settings – Posts and Comments” page. You can share individual posts by clicking the “share” button below each entry on your blog.

If you have chosen to use your Google+ profile on your blog, this feature is available immediately. If you haven’t already linked your accounts, you can do so through a quick approval process.

Google has stated that this is just the first of many new Google+ features. As the company continues to integrate all of its services and applications with Google+, the social network is positioned to be Google’s best social media platform yet.

[Image credit: Andrew Wales]