Since the launch of Hangouts on Air, creators across music, gaming, sports, news, and more have used the power of live video to create exciting experiences for their audiences. Now even more content creators will be allowed to utilize this tool as Google expands the live video service.

The company announced yesterday that the feature is being rolled out to all YouTube channels with a verified account and are in good standing. This means that soon everyone will be able to live stream video to the world through Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Accounts that don’t have strikes for community guideline or copyright infractions, and don’t have any videos blocked by YouTube’s Content ID within the last six months are considered to be in good standing.

Hangouts on Air was initially restricted to channels with at least 1,000 subscribers, but was soon relaxed to 100 subscribers in August of this year. Now it seems that anyone can access the tool regardless of follower count which certainly opens the door to a wider variety of businesses.

Accounts that meet the criteria will also be able to stream a Google+ Hangout on Air on YouTube directly. Previously, these were only shown on Google+ itself and broadcasts were replayed on the video site at a later time.

“To give you even more ways to connect with fans, you can now launch a Google+ Hangout on Air directly from the YouTube Live events manager,” explained Satyajeet Salgar and Tim James in a blog post. “This gives you a simple way to reach your fans live and is the ideal way to invite participants to join your show.”

While there are obvious benefits for YouTube channels interested in the streaming tool, the news could also send more people to Google+. Some might come for a Hangout but end up staying to check out other Google+ Pages and posts. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re hosting Hangouts, make sure that your Page is ready for new visitors who decide to check out your content.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Very Quiet]