Google+ has shown impressive growth since its launch in June 2011. The social network just surpassed 90 million users and has recently become a popular platform for political campaigns. The White House is the latest to join the Google+ community.

Last November President Barack Obama made headlines when his 2012 re-election campaign added a Google+ Page. Although the content is similar to that on the President’s Facebook Page, his adoption will be watched closely as he won the 2008 Presidential Election, in part, because of his campaign’s use of social media platforms – such as Facebook and Twitter.

The White House plans to use the page to share news and behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Additionally it promises regular Hangouts with administration officials on topics ranging from the economy to technology.

The page, which launched this morning, has already invited those that have Circled it to share comments about what they’d like to see from the White House on Google+. Many commenters are using this opportunity to share opinions on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

As Google+ continues to grow, more influential people and organizations are adopting it as part of their marketing strategies. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the page after November’s election.

[Via: White House on Google+, Image credit: Amanda Hirsch]