To help advertisers create visually rich and compelling experiences online, Google today announced that it’s testing a new type of monetization for Google+ called +Post ads. The new ad unit will let brands turn Google+ content into display ads that can run across the more than two million sites in the Google Display Network.

This new, brand-friendly format lets businesses take a piece of their public Google+ content — like a photo, video, or even a Hangout — and turn it into a display ad in just a few clicks. What sets +Post ads apart from ad options on other social platforms is that Google’s social ads reach the entire web, not just your network.

The new format also enables conversation directly from the ad as consumers can reshare a video, leave a comment or question, and even join a live Hangout. Google believes that +Post ads will encourage higher clickthrough rates and boost engagement for brands.

A small group of partners — including Toyota USA, Ritz Crackers, and Cadbury UK — are currently running +Post ads and are seeing expansion rates 50 percent higher than the industry average for rich media ads. The search giant plans to collect more feedback and open the format to additional advertisers in the next few months.

According to Google, its social platform and ad products have already allowed advertisers to better connect with customers. For example, showing social annotations on search ads has helped increase clickthrough rates, and advertisers than ran Hangouts on Air in the YouTube masthead have seen strong participation. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how +Post ads perform going forward.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Eric Skiff]