Resources for communicating during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus is an unprecedented crisis impacting every aspect of life and business around the globe. With business as usual disrupted and audiences struggling with the challenges of rapid changes in their work and life, it’s difficult to know how brands and marketers should approach social to contribute. However, social provides a major outlet for connection and conversation during a time when many are feeling isolated.

We’ve assembled our resources to help you manage some of the challenges during this crisis, including how and when to communicate and tips for shifting to remote work.

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What to do right now: How to navigate through a global crisis on social media

During this crisis, people have used social to reach out, help others and create meaningful relationships during this time of uncertainty. Learn more about finding the right tone to engage and inspire your community through a crisis and use your platform to help foster connection.


Remote work: 5 steps to cultivate an environment where employees thrive

Remote work has become the new normal as businesses do their part to facilitate social distancing. Try out these 5 simple ideas for helping build a remote culture that fits your entire team’s working style and helps empower them to feel engaged and productive.

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Stay informed about the coronavirus conversation with Sprout Listening’s New Featured Topic

Sprout’s product team has put together a comprehensive listening topic on the coronavirus so that you can tap into conversations and understand how to contribute in the most valuable and authentic ways. Learn more about how to put this feature into practice.

Essential Sprout features to help your brand maintain connection in an uncertain time

Sprout has several essential tools for managing communications during a crisis. As social platforms turn into a place for sharing essential updates over promotional messaging, these features can help you quickly shift your approach to content and stay responsive to your audience’s needs.

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From Crisis to Connection: How to Build a Social Media Crisis Management Strategy

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that there’s no one template for social media crisis management. Learn how to set up your social team with a response plan that is forward thinking and highly adaptable with the advice in this guide.

Social media crisis plan: What to do when things go wrong

These days brands need to be prepared for anything. In some cases, that might mean putting your social marketing on pause or shifting focus. In other cases, social may be the best channel for communicating with customers. Find out more about types of social media crises and how to shift course when they occur.

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