We have a talented team here at Sprout Social, and we love sharing their insights. This week, during our #SproutChat, Digital Marketing Specialist Michael Patterson joined the conversation to share everything he’s learned from planning and executing more than 15 partner webinars with companies such as Canva, Moz and Unbounce. Below are four key takeaways from this week’s chat. Check out all previous webinars here, and don’t miss the next one, “ROI of Content Marketing.” Register here.

Choose a Strong Topic of Value to Your Community

Leverage the community you’ve cultivated to gather insight on what kind of webinar topic would be valuable. Consider what these people might be curious to learn more about. If this seems out of reach, simply ask what might broaden their skill set.

Find the Right Presenters & Make Sure Their Vision Aligns

It never hurts to vet the presenter to ensure he or she can talk extensively about the topic at hand. Someone may possess the understanding and knowledge, but communicating and effectively teaching it to others is another skill entirely. When working with people from outside organizations, it’s a good idea to make sure your vision is aligned (or at least that you’re prepared for a civil debate).

Engage Listeners by Inviting Them to Participate

Your webinar should integrate with social media to glean real-time feedback and promote your brand as a trusted expert. It’s also a great opportunity to get your community talking about your brand in an organic way. A hashtag ties all these efforts together and allows for a quick collection of Tweets to review later or repurpose in another content form.

Follow up With Personalization & a Content Recap

People often tune in to webinars during their busy workdays. Don’t fault them if they need to step away from the live presentation. Be generous in offering the full presentation and any additional content your team produced from the webinar in a followup email. And be sure to send this fairly soon after the webinar—they’ll love you for it!

#SproutChat is full of incredibly smart marketing professionals. They’re also quite “punny.” We had some fun this week with sea puns, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a few of my favorites here.

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