In today’s digital landscape, video content is a must for any brand. Unlike other forms of social content, video can be extremely intimidating. However, with some ingenuity and a minimal budget brands can begin to test the waters and publish memorable content.

This week at #SproutChat we welcomed video and social expert Margot Mazur, Partnership Coordinator at Wistia for a conversation on the social media video best practices.

Video Resonates With Viewers on a Deeper Level

Video has the ability to grab your audience’s attention and connect with them on on a deeper level than text. Take advantage of the medium’s storytelling mechanisms to better engage with your audience. Before investing too many additional resources into content creation test different topics in a short format using existing technology like your smart phone. Optimize your content with Instagram’s in-app tools and benchmark metrics around your content before diving into longer, highly produced videos.

Monitor Metrics

Before publishing strategize and establish your goals. If nothing else, make sure you’re always measuring social engagement and tracking audience drop-off rates.

Strategically Place Your CTA

While your call to action should be noticeable it needs to be placed in a way that doesn’t distract from your brand’s main message. Amplify your message by including CTA copy in the text box or message space that accompany’s your video.

Make your Video Memorable

Is your brand funny? Sentimental? Use your brand’s voice to determine the tone and voice of your video content. Just like any of your other social content, video should feel like a natural extension of how your brand is already communicating. Illustrate your message in a lasting way by showcasing employees, customers or your product in a way that’s authentic and genuine.

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