A brand’s reputation can mean everything on the internet. Negative reviews and a poorly handled customer experiences can spiral into a public relations nightmare quickly. We know that consumers hold the buying power and often turn to reviews as a research touch point.

This week at #SproutChat we were joined by Sprout All Star, Mandy Yoh, Head of Communications for ReviewTrackers. In this chat, Mandy shared why reputation management is an important factor in any marketing strategy.

Reviews Can Impact a Consumer’s Decision

The importance of consumer reviews goes beyond the content of the review itself, it can become more about your organization’s response. Reviews are often a make or break deal with potential customers.

Online Reviews Impact a Brand’s Reputation

Reviews are like a padding of credibility and trust to your brand’s reputation. When potential customers see reviews that haven’t been engaged with, that reputation you’ve built can fall.

Be Nice

You’ve heard the saying, “the customer is always right,” before. When it comes to public reviews, it’s best to keep that in mind when crafting responses. Snark and sass can be misconstrued for hostility, so stick with a genuine approach.

Good Experiences Lend to Positive Reviews

Paying for positive reviews is a no-go and a practice that is definitely looked down upon. Providing a great experience for your customers organically yields the positive reviews you’re looking for and is the better plan for the long run.


Monitor & Strategize

If your business is consistently seeing poor reviews, make an effort to take that feedback to heart and rethink your current strategy. Monitoring reviews is an important aspect in keeping your brand’s reputation top of mind.

Tune in next Wednesday, September 20 at 2 p.m. CT to chat with Sprout All Star, Phil Hughes, of NYU Admissions when we’ll discuss engaging students through social media. Until then, check out our Facebook group to connect with others in the industry.