We all know the importance of data and reporting, but the truth is it’s what we do with these quantitative insights that really matters. From determining how often to pull metrics to what questions you’re trying to answer with that data, it’s crucial to devote some time to digging into analytics.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star, Dave Macdonald, of SocialXpresso, to chat about best practices for gaining actionable insights from the numbers. From what metrics to pull to timing and strategy, we covered the umbrella of analytics.

Different Metrics for Platforms & Goals

Make sure that when you’re creating goals for your social media strategy, that you’re also identifying which metrics are valuable to your brand overall. Metrics differ across various content types as your intent behind each differs.

Pull Data, but Not Too Frequently

It’s hard to identify particular trends or patterns if you don’t give your content time to full flourish. If you’re looking for granular data points on particular posts, checking in daily is fine.

Track Internal Benchmarks

One of the simplest ways to measuring success on social is keeping track of internal benchmarks. This is how you’ll  see monthly and yearly growth, as well as identify where you’ll need to beef up other areas of engagement.

Metrics Answer Strategy Questions

It’s one thing to create a social strategy before the start of the new year, but without tracking metrics it’s difficult to tell if your efforts are paying off. All of the questions you may be asking yourself when you’re posting social content can be answered by taking a peek into the analytics.

Be sure to join us in next Wednesday’s #SproutChat to talk about best practices for managing content. Until then, check out our Facebook community to connect with other brilliant folks in the social and digital marketing sphere.