Before social media was a critical aspect of marketing strategy, PR teams often ruled the direction of new campaigns and product launches and how they held influence over consumer masses. Now when it comes to integrated marketing plans, there are a variety of ways that PR and social media can work together to get messaging across a wide audience.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we were joined by Sprout All Star Elite, Marek Cornett to talk about best practices for integrating your PR and social strategies. We covered different ways that traditional PR and social media are different and how they can sync up to deliver the most influence.

PR & Social Media Messages Differ

The main point of difference between PR and social media comes down to the way messaging is delivered. With PR, you’re often reaching out on a 1:1 basis. With social media, brands and organizations have a cast a much wider net and can tweak messaging accordingly.

Social Moves PR Forward

PR processes have sped up dramatically with the evolution of social media. From outreach to pitching stories and response times, social has allowed for news and messaging to spread more quickly and effectively.

Use Social Media to Amplify PR Efforts

Social media now allows for brands to make connections with news outlets on a more regular basis. Once an announcement has crossed the wire, you can sync up and spread the word on your social platforms. Similarly, if a social campaign launch is newsworthy PR can come into play to make a media announcement.

Create Integrated Marketing Plans

PR and Social Media Managers should work in tandem when it comes to a news announcement to make sure that messaging is consistent across all channels. Creating an integrated plan ensures that there are no missed opportunities for further engagement with your audience.

Social & PR Build Influencer Programs

Utilize social media’s listening and monitoring capabilities to identify influencers and start engaging with them. After establishing relationships with these influencers you’ve discovered via social, start crafting a PR campaign. Social influence can help with the heavy lifting and amplify the campaign later on as well.

Be sure to join #SproutChat next week to chat with Sprout All Star, Dave Macdonald, Founder of SocialXpresso, to learn about gaining actionable insights from social analytics. Until then, be sure to join our Facebook community to connect with others in the social media and digital marketing industry.