This week, we went live on Blab for #SproutChat. This was the first Blab we hosted, so there was a bit of a learning curve (as you’ll see in the recorded video). Our incredible #SproutChat community, along with some seasoned Blab users, helped us through it.

We compiled everything we learned from the Twitter chat and the live stream so that you can get started on Blab and bring even greater value to your community. Here’s what our #SproutChat participants had to say.

Blab Brings Added Authenticity

In the social media space, Blab has quickly become a household name. We’ve witnessed several other real-time tools (e.g., Periscope and Meerkat) experience similar growth, which is likely due to their ease of use and authenticity in connecting with an audience. Content on these channels tends to be off the cuff, less buttoned up and thus more human and relatable.

Blab’s Flexible Features Ensure Lively Discussion

Blab has a number of features worth noting:

  • Sidebar internal chat
  • No character limits
  • Multiple windows to feature up to four video participants
  • Same size of window for all video participants, no matter who is talking
  • Host controls (to determine who joins and who remains on video)
  • Ability for participants to pop in and out

The Blab team is incredible too. For instance, if a user types @Help in the chat bar, a Blab team member will immediately join in to provide customer support. That said, once you learn your way around, it should be easy to host a Blab without a hitch.

Blab Presents Endless Possibilities for Creative Brands

With Blab, brands can invite industry experts to offer advice, provide behind-the-scenes looks for customers, perform product demonstrations and announce news to a targeted audience. Blab can also be leveraged as a customer support channel. The possibilities are endless and worth testing to see how your community reacts.

Is Blab Right for You?

While there is a lot of support and adoption of Blab, it should be noted that some don’t see anything particularly special about the platform. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Join Us

Our next #SproutChat will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. CST on “Retail Responsiveness During the Holidays.”