With the start of November, the holiday season is on everyone’s minds. For some, this means increased engagement and customer service inquiries on the rise. In this week’s #SproutChat we talked about planning social content for the holiday (plan early, plan often), UGC and global recognition of holidays.

Start Planning Early

Try to get ahead of the hectic season and avoid planning holiday content as it comes. Even if the holiday season is not your brand’s busy time, it’s likely clients and team members will be out of the office, so allow yourself the freedom later on by tackling things early on.

Engagement Will Vary

Depending on your brand and organization’s objectives overall, engagement may fluctuate. It’s likely if you have a commerce component that you’ll see an uptick in customer service inquiries, so make sure your customer care plan is buttoned up.

Recognize Your Audience

If you handle a global brand’s social presence, be cognizant of how your holiday messages may come across. Avoid alienating portions of your audience by focusing on sales content that’ll drive those end-of-year numbers.

Show off Company Culture

For B2B companies, the holidays are a great time to showcase your company culture. In a season where your overall engagement may be going down, take this opportunity to tap internal employee advocates to their share visuals of office outing and happenings.

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