Pinterest has held its own as a powerful platform for visual brands in the fashion and food industry. Similar to other networks, there is a lot of content saturation on Pinterest and it can be challenging for your brand to stand out. Social Media Expert and Sprout All StarKayla Chatkiewicz, joined us for this week’s #SproutChat to share some best practices for getting your audience to see and engage with your Pins.

Focus on Large, Colorful Images

It may sound obvious, but black and white images don’t perform well on Pinterest. Users are looking for visuals that really catch their eye. Focus on bold objects that are easy to see. Your images should feel bright and inviting. Design and test specific Pins to see if certain color schemes or typography perform better for your brand.

Image Size Matters

Just like other social channels, the size of the social image that you post is important. Concise, vertical images that explain what the Pin will link out to tend to work well on the network. When publishing infographics, trim them down so that they’re easy to interpret with a quick glance. If you have a busy image, focus on the portion of the images or a series of images that tells the most accurate story.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

Our community shared their key points for consideration whenever using Pinterest. Kayla also advises to focus less on hashtags and more on the description of the Pin.

Find Inspiration From These Brands

If you’re looking to up your Pinterest game, start by checking out the boards and Pins of these brands that are seeing success on the platform. Take note on the layout of their pages and the components of each Pin. Get inspired and outline how you can apply their best practices to your own community as you continue to work on your social media marketing strategy.

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