It’s clear that advertising on Instagram has the potential to drive a traffic, interest and sales. The ads seamlessly integrate into your feed and look very similar to organic posts. Taking advantage of the targeting options (per Facebook’s ad platform) helps narrow your focus and gets your Instagram content in front of the most appropriate audience.

This week at #SproutChat, we discussed Instagram advertising. The community shared their experience with ads they’ve seen and gave advice on how brands can effectively distribute paid content on the platform.

Tap Into a Present & Engaged Audience

Having reached over 400 million active users, Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social networks. The platform’s streamlined interface is visually appealing and engages an active audience. Using in-app editing tools and filters, brands can efficiently stylize their products or services. With Instagram Ads, brands can even create a direct link to the App Store or their website.

Test Different CTAs to Determine What Resonates

Instagram’s call to action buttons (CTA) offer several prompts: Shop Now, Install Now, Learn More or Sign Up. The applicability of each CTA depends on your content–but if a few options fit, it’s worth running split tests to see which generates the most engagement. Since brands can’t hyperlink in the comments of posts (only in a profile description), Instagram Ads are the easiest way to get people to clickthrough.

Most of our community agreed that the “Learn More” CTA is the one that drives them to take action most often.

Take Advantage of Format

Instagram posts are a place where brands can get creative and start fostering an active community of new and existing consumers. Consider the message your visuals convey and why your Instagram Ad will relate with your target audience. Since your goal is to get a click through, your ads need to be intriguing and should inspire immediate action.

Look into creating a video that causes your audience to pause when they’re scrolling through their feeds. Carousel ads with multiple images are another great way to communicate quick, cohesive narratives. Your Instagram caption is just as important and should inspire the same kind of pause and action that your visual content does.

Need some Instagram content inspiration? Check out these creative brands that caught the attention of our #SproutChat community.

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