Whether you love Snapchat or are totally averse to it, there’s no doubt that the social network is here to stay. Since September 2011, Snapchat gained over 100 million users and (in aggregate) currently drives more than 8 billion video views per day. Snapchat may have a smaller audience, but the network’s number of video views is rapidly edging in on Facebook’s, solidifying the network as a major player in a crowded space.

So, what does this mean? Snapchat has an engaged and focused audience that’s consuming content at a staggering rate. The format of the mobile app captures a users’ undivided attention and causes them to focus solely on the content being presented. So how can brands use the medium to drive business results?

Chris Mikulin of CLYW Canada, a high-end yo-yo company, joined us for this week’s #SproutChat to discuss Snapchat content strategies. Chris is a Sprout All Star and a talented marketer with a wealth of Snapchat knowledge. During our chat, Chris shared his best practices and revealed what it takes to gain traction on the ghost.

Establish & Grow Your Snapchat Presence

Growing your community on Snapchat requires an approach that’s different from other platforms. After you establish your profile, Chris suggests expanding your reach through several key content tactics.

Consistently Publish Content

As with any other social network, brands need to consistently publish content that resonates with consumers. Brands should start by using Snapchat’s storytelling features to invoke a deeper level of fan engagement and craft compelling or humorous brand narratives.

Repurpose Content & Cross-Promote

Keep your brand identity consistent across social channels by repurposing existing content for Snapchat. Engage users across all of your social platforms by cross-promoting your Snapchat account and incorporating the platform into your other marketing efforts.

Ask Your Audience

Interact with your audience on a more intimate level by using Snapchat features like Story Replies. Poll your audience and gain new learnings by asking questions and encouraging them with a call to action.

Audience engagement always plays a critical role in your social media marketing strategy and Snapchat should not be left out of the picture.

Get Inspired by Brands with Successful Snapchat Followings

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