When it comes to lead generation, content is king. But it takes thoughtful insights, time and energy to consistently produce new and engaging materials. With some preplanning, you can repurpose your initial efforts to create multiple content forms, reach different audience segments and provide value from a new perspective.

This week at #SproutChat, we discussed best practices for repurposing content and shared our favorite image resources.

Create Content With Potential Forms in Mind

Before crafting a piece of content, consider the multiple ways you can disseminate an idea. Save yourself time and by mapping out how the topic works visually and in long form. Consider how users interact on different social channels and disseminate the aspects that work best for each network you’ll be distributing your content on.

Our community weighed in on smooth transitions that you can quickly apply to transform one type of content into a new form.

Revise, Don’t Republish

One of the biggest pitfalls of repurposing the same piece of content is not editing copy or adjusting info based on the intended audience. When you repurpose a piece of content, think of a different angle or light for it. Consider a different goal based on its new format and promote accordingly.

Always Include Eye-Catching Images

If possible, include photos that are owned by your organization and include your employees. If needed, choose stock photos that are clean and bright. Sites like Unsplash, Pexels and Death to the Stock Photo are great resources.

Curate a Collection of Tweets to Tell a New Story

While it’s probably obvious, we think Twitter chats are valuable. They’re a great way to bring smart folks together for an insightful discussion that, as a whole, is incredibly valuable.

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