Remaining scrappy is all about simplifying your marketing efforts down to what’s really important, executing your plan in the most effective way and always welcoming new ideas and inspiration. Sometimes, brand messaging and campaigns can be convoluted and messy. This week at #SproutChat, Nick Westergaard, Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital and author of Get Scrappy, joined us to share his knowledge and insight on implementing a smarter, scrappier digital marketing strategy.

Always Think Scrappy

A scrappy mindset is a great way to operate. Startups adopt this way of working out of necessity but the really smart ones maintain it. Scrappy organizations look for inspiration in a range of places and use limited or minimal resources to launch campaigns that have a big impact.

Build Brand Awareness through Your People

Most organizations don’t fully lean on their employees or customers to spread brand awareness and build recognition on or offline. Ignoring these passionate, dedicated individuals is a missed opportunity. Use tools like Bambu by Sprout to entice and empower your employees to share company news and consider developing a brand advocate or ambassador program to mobilize your brand champions and get them sharing your marketing messages.

Look for Ways to Integrate Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing entails a range of ways to get your message out at scale. Regardless of an organization’s size or spend, operating in silos is a great disservice to the success of any digital campaign. Every aspect of marketing should utilize data from other functions in order to more effectively reach its target audience.

Pay Attention to Metrics

Start with a solid strategy but don’t neccessarily be married to it. Part of a scrappy mindset means being nimble and pivoting if need be. Once a game plan is in place, you should determine what metrics you’ll need to pay attention to and what benchmarks will equal success.

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