You shouldn’t underestimate the power of using Stories to engage your social audience. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—every major platform has a Stories function that brands can tap into to boost reach with thoughtful, engaging visual content. With every feature update, Stories is quickly becoming an effective tool for marketers to weave a bit of authenticity into their marketing efforts.

In this week’s #SproutChat, our community discussed how they implement Stories in their engagement strategy to create entertaining content that brings their brand to life.

Different Social Platforms Generate Different Results

What’s your audience like? Research the qualities of your customer base across different social channels. While your following may be the same or similar, the way they interact with your content on each platform will vary. Track resonates and set goals. Take advantage of the built-in libraries of emojis, graphics and text overlays that amp up your posts.

Add Some Interest to Your Brand’s Social Presence

Our #SproutChat community tackles each medium with a different Story approach to effectively build on their presence. Check out their tactics for inspiration and see what you could apply to your own branding strategy.

Using Metrics to Measure the Value of Your Stories

As with any other type of content, gauging success means tracking your metrics. Keep an eye on the number of views, action taken after viewing, exit rates—anything that indicates a user engaged with your Story and was motivated to take action.

Stay Informed As Stories Continues to Evolve

It’s important for social media managers to stay on top of new updates across each channel. Don’t be afraid to explore new Story capabilities and play with different ways to captivate your users. Remember to keep track of what content resonates with your audience and moves the needle on engagement.

Join us for #SproutChat next week as we discuss how to build an audience from the ground up! See you Wednesday, June 21, at 2 p.m. CDT.