You already know that having brand advocates is beneficial for your organization. But, how do you secure longterm advocacy? It starts by putting forth tactics and strategies that support and reward your champions. Whether you establish a formal advocacy program or mention your advocates on social and send them swag, it’s vital to pay attention to and recognize the supporters who promote you.

This week at #SproutChat, we discussed ways to ensure advocates feel appreciated and valued so they continue to champion and bring more awareness to your organization.

Find Your Brand Advocates

Do your due diligence in searching in order to find people who love your products and brand. Initially, this might be a large undertaking but it  will pay off in the longterm. Not every brand champion will reveal themselves so easily. Some people might solely advocate in person, while others will be most active on their social channels. That’s why it’s crucial to spur conversations both online and offline to find a good mix of happy, enthusiastic supporters.

Reward Without Motive & in Meaningful Ways

Figure out what your advocates would appreciate the most and focus on that incentive. The stronger your relationship, the more likely you’ll know what’s important to them and how you can meet or exceed their expectations. If feasible, reward big and frequently.

Build a Community Among Your Advocates

One way to encourage ongoing advocacy is to encourage connections among your advocates. Foster a community by connecting individuals with similar interests. Don’t force these interactions but do cheer them on.

Check-in Frequently & Encourage Open Communication

Open and frequent communication can go a long way. Create a loop of dialogue by soliciting feedback, internalizing valuable suggestions and thanking advocates who are invested enough to provide suggestions and constructive criticism. Encourage social media engagement and other forms of interaction by providing your advocates with multiple methods of contact with your brand.

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